What is FirePlatform?

Fire Engineering Platform (FEP) is a software package for everybody interested in performing assesments or calculations in the area of building fire protection. It provides a number of components which address the workflow of the fire protection engineer but can be equally valuable for fire officials or Authorities Having Jurisdiction wanting to quickly check some calculations or design. The FEP also has unique features making it a good tool for educating fire engineers. These features include especially quick input and model preparation, interactivity and rapid access to results which makes it easier to understand various aspects and relations in fire protection engineering.


The FEP includes a growing number of components. Currently it is: QuickZone, FireRad, FDS Designer and FDS Cloud. Further modules are under development.

  • QuickZone

    QuickZone is a zone modelling program which allows quick and interactive model building with the capability of immediate results visualisation (numerical and visual). The whole modeling process is a matter of seconds. Effect of any change to the model can be seen instantly. The calculations are based on the reliable and well known CFAST model.

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  • FireRad

    FireRad is a module for thermal radiation calculations in arbitrary geometries which may also include obstructions. It is based on fundametal view factor calculations and it provides results that are theoretically exact. The user can build the model manually or import the model from CAD or BIM programs like Autodesk Revit. FireRad provides

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  • FDS Designer

    FDS Designer is a module for building FDS models. The user can build the model interactively or import CAD files to speed up model preparation. The FDS input file can be monitored all the time by providing code preview on side of the screen. At the end of preparation the user can start the simulation locally or choose FDS Cloud to run simulation in the provided cloud resources.

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  • FDS Cloud Client

    FDS Cloud Client is a module for managing and monitoring FDS simulations running in a cloud which is integrated with the FEP. The user can use the model built using FDS Designer or any input file and start a simulation using virtual machine with desired specification. Completed and well compressed results package can be downloaded to the local machine.

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Project status

Fire Engineering Platform is currently at an early Beta stage.In principle all modules work, however a number of known bugs (mostly small) is still unresolved, so it can be seen as work in progress. Potential users are kindly asked for understanding and providing feedback using the inbuilt feedback option in FEP (main menu). The FEP is provided with temporary extendable license for 1 month (free of charge). The author reserves the right to change this policy at some time in the future as the FEP consumes a lot of time and resources so the continued development and maintenance may and most probably will require funding.


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